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JLPT N2 Author: dc
no way to
no way to eat the soup
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The company once again went into the red. It is beyond saving.
#3410 Author: dbx

It is neither more nor less than absurd.
#3411 Author: dbx

I just don't know what to say.
#3412 Author: dbx

I cannot thank you enough.
#3413 Author: dbx, Miki

There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.
#3414 Author: dbx

His remarks allow of no other interpretation.
#3415 Author: dbx

If the meaning of the question is not understood, it can't be answered.
#5919 Author: Meghana

I realized I didnt have a spoon. So there was no way to eat it.
#270 Author: dc

The road is blocked. Such being the case, there is no way we can get there.
#3034 Author: bamboo4, dc

There is no way of fixing this camera.
#7102 Author: 赤毛

because time is limited, there is no way to exercise.
#8574 Author: belajar

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