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, 姐, あね
older sister, elder sister
, し
Suffix, Honorific or respectful
honorific suffix used after the name of a woman of equal or higher status
, ねえ
Noun, used as a suffix, Familiar language
older sister
, しまい, きょうだい
さん, 姐さん, ねえさん, あねさん
Honorific or respectful, usu. 姉さん
1. older sister, elder sister
2. young lady
referring to a waitress, etc.; usu. 姐さん
3. miss
used by geisha to refer to their superiors; usu. 姐さん
4. ma'am
さん, お姐さん, 御さん, 御姐さん, おねえさん
See 姉さん・1, Honorific or respectful, usu. お姉さん
1. older sister, elder sister
See 姉さん・2, vocative
2. young lady
See 姉さん・3, referring to a waitress, etc.; usu. お姐さん
3. miss
See 姉さん・4, used by geisha to refer to their superiors; usu. お姐さん
4. ma'am
5. older girl
いとこ, 従, じゅうしまい
See 従兄弟, Usually in kana
cousin (female)
, ぎし, あね
1. sister-in-law (spouse's older sister or older brother's wife)
2. older stepsister, older adopted sister, non-blood-related older sister
, あねき
Familiar language, Honorific or respectful, 貴 is ateji
1. elder sister
2. older female friend
, あねうえ
Honorific or respectful
older sister
, してい, きょうだい
older sister and younger brother
, じゅうし, いとこ
See 従妹
cousin (elder female)
, ぼうし
one's late elder sister
, れいし
your elder sister
, きし
Pronoun, Honorific or respectful
1. your older sister
primarily used by men in letters to older women
2. you
, しょし
you (feminine plural), you ladies
婿, あねむこ
the husband of one's elder sister
, あねぎみ
Honorific or respectful, dated term
(elder) sister
, ぐし
older sister
, ままねえ
step-sister (elder), stepsister
, あねぶん
See 妹分, Honorific or respectful
someone who one considers as an elder sister
おねえ, お, 御, オネエ, おネエ
See お姉さん・1, Abbreviation
1. elder sister
See おかま・4, Usually in kana, Slang
2. effeminate man (often homosexual or transsexual)
, あねむすめ
elder daughter, older daughter
同母, どうぼし
sisters of the same mother, uterine sisters
妹校, しまいこう
sister school (to)
妹編, しまいへん
companion (sister) volume (to), sequel (to)
, おねえけい
See お姉系ギャル, Abbreviation
fashion style characterized by brown hair and deep-tanned skin, expensive brand-name clothes and accessories
妹語, しまいご
Linguistics terminology
sister language, related language, cognate
あねはづる, 羽鶴, アネハヅル
Usually in kana
demoiselle crane (Anthropoides virgo), Numidian crane
竿, さおしまい
See 穴兄弟, Vulgar expression or word, Slang
women who have had sex with the same man, pole sisters
妹艦, しまいかん
See 姉妹船
sister ship
妹船, しまいせん
sister ship
, ちきょうだい
See 乳兄弟・ちきょうだい
foster sister
妹群, しまいぐん
Biology term
sister group, sister taxon
妹丼, しまいどん
Vulgar expression or word, Slang
threesome including two women who are sisters
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