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支払い, 支払, しはらい
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支払い方法, お支払方法, おしはらいほうほう
See 支払い方法, Polite
payment method
支払い, しはらいにん
支払い済み, しはらいずみ
settled, paid
支払い方法, 支払方法, しはらいほうほう
payment method
支払い勘定, しはらいかんじょう
bill or account payable
電子支払い, でんししはらい
electronic payment
利子支払い, りししはらい
interest payment
要素支払い, ようそしはらい
factor payment
支払いを拒む, しはらいをこばむ
Expression, Godan verb
to decline to pay, to refuse payment
支払い手続き, 支払手続き, しはらいてつづき
payment arrangements or procedures
支払い免除, ぜいしはらいめんじょ
tax relief
支払い準備率, 支払準備率, しはらいじゅんびりつ
reserve ratio, reserve rate
支払い, 支払日, しはらいび
payday, date of payment
支払手形, 支払い手形, しはらいてがた
bill payable, note payable
支払能力, 支払い能力, しはらいのうりょく
solvency, ability to pay
支払額, 支払い, しはらいがく
amount of payment, amount paid
支払猶予, 支払い猶予, しはらいゆうよ
May take 'no'
payment moratorium, extension on payment, respite for payment
現金自動支払機, 現金自動支払い, げんきんじどうしはらいき
cash dispenser
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