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tend to
he tends to be late
訳ではない, わけではない
It does not (necessarily) mean that 〜; I don't mean that 〜; It is not (true) that 〜; It is not the case that 〜
It doesn't necessarily mean he understood.
is, would be, probably is; isn't it?
I guess it will rain today
に限って, にかぎって
of all the ... / especially / only / just
our child of all children / especially our child
if, when (verb form)
When I wake up
but, only, just
that's all I can do
で・に・前, で・に・ まえ (de - ni -mae)
time and place prepositions at in on
On Friday at 3pm
It is a child-like expression.
? (sentence ending particle - question) [F]
What is it you don't get?
by; according to; due to; owing to; due to
we lost our father due to the war
〜に比べて, 〜にくらべて
compared to
compared to past times...
this, especially (emphasis),very, emphasize the preceding word
It is "love" that truly strengthens people
訳, わけ
meaning; reason; circumstances
And by that reasoning ...
に従って; に従い, にしたがって; にしたがい
following; in accordance with; as 〜, accordingly; in proportion to
As our income increases, our expenditure increase accordingly.
くれる (呉れる)
to give me, to do for me, I was given
The teacher gave me a book to help me in my studies. // Would you please write this in Kanji for me?
whether, if
It doesn't matter whether it's finished (lit. or not)
while doing A, I had a chance to do B, since doing A anyway, do B
while I was at my parents,
according to
according to the news
を聞いた, をきいた
I heard
I heard from Tom you want to move
に対して, にたいして
toward; to; in contrast to; whereas; in regard to; in; per
Up until now, Japan has taken a closed policy toward foreign countries.
([verb]-te, connects two sentences)
I'm going to the book shop to buy it.
条件形, えば
If you go, you'll understand.
If it's from outside, I don't mind.
make, let someone do something
I made my daughter study
(on when) doing, if
after you see ...
上げる, あげる
to do something for someone else
I will read this to you
thanks to
It's thanks to you that I received the promotion.
(1)Even; (2)Given, (Judging) From/By
(1) He can't even read hiragana.
looks like
Seems like he's caught a cold.
should do
I should have studied more.
合う, あう
Vm, verb~together, mutually
I talked it out with him.
without thinking, despite myself
oops, i said too much!
為, ため
In order to, because of, for
I telephoned to make sure he was coming.
we went shopping, and ate lunch
〜中に、〜上に、〜下に、など, 〜なかに、〜うえに、〜したに、など
Talking about relative location of an object
My hat is in your car
まま, 儘
as it is, leave as it is, (remain) unchanged
I'll leave this place as it is.
あっと言う間, あっというま
In a flash, before one knows it, in a blink of an eye, in no time, flash by, (time) flies
Time flies when you're having fun
assume, regard X as ~ , suppose
if we assume that n=1
whether, the question of (sub sentence question)
Regardless of whether I had written it...
Vru, (negative command - sentence ending particle)
Don't do that!
方が, ほうが
(often it'd be better to do __) Such-and-such an option is something
You'd better study then.
than, rather than
Tokyo is larger than Kyoto.
seem, look like, apparently, I heard
It seems Tanaka will resign
Is difficult to do
He's difficult to understand, isn't he?
Indicates a change which has taken place or will take place.
I came to have an interest in Japan after I went to Japan
比べものにならない, くらべものにならない
there is no point comparing....
When we talk about speed, there is no point comparing a plane and a ship.
くらい、ぐらい (位)
to the extent that; so ~ that ~ almost ~; at least; the only ~; rather than ~
It's so warm this evening that we (almost) don't need a heater.
〜ところ(だ) (所だ・処だ)
I am about to / I was about to
He arrived just as I was about to give up.
'ha (wa)' used to indicate contrast
I don't eat /meat/ (but I do eat fish).
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