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筈, はず
believe that it is so; expect that it is so; it is supposed to be so
I expected him to come, but ...
even though (it is) ; for
its a cold day for June
あまり + 動詞(否定形), あまり〜ない
not very, not much
When used with negative verbs, [amari + v-nai] = [not very much v]
such; this; like this; such.....as this; of this kind
in this way
to; for
For Asians, dairy products are hard to digest
が欲しい, がほしい
N, to want something (desirative)
I want a car.
て形+はいけない (ては行け無い), てはいけない
you shouldn't, one should not
美術館で写真を撮ってはいけない。/You shouldn't take picture in the museum.
て形+しまう (て仕舞う・て終う・て了う), てしまう
wind up ____ing, end up ___ing, finish ____ing
I wound up laughing.
向き, むき
for, facing, toward, aimed at
a PC for old people
貰う, もらう
to get
my dad bought a camera for me
と共に, とともに
as well as; with; along with; at the same time; when; as; while
As I'm recovering from my illness, my appetite is coming back.
(Just) when
Just when I had decided to call her, she phoned me.
意向形と思う, (しよう)とおもう
I think I will (do)
今から銀行へ行こうと思います。/ I think I will go to the bank right now.
儚い, はかない
hopeless, fleeting, transient, fickle
Unrequited (hopeless) love
積もりだった, つもりだった
I had the intention to do (but I didn't)
僕は彼女と結婚するつもりだった。/ I had the intention to marry her (but I didn't).
Easy to V
A beautiful woman is easy to fall in love with / 美女は惚れやすい。
続ける, つづける
keep on doing ...
keep on eating (sweet stuff)
not really
彼女はあまりきれいじゃない。 She isn't very pretty.
after all; eventually; at best
After all, there's nothing permanent.
I guess, wonder, probably, isn't it?
I guess he will never come back the place.
To become
It's become a real mess!
depending on
depending on the weather, I will come
(adds emphasis) [female]
That's just fine.
regarding, about
lets talk about the project
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