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each time, whenever, either way
whenever i see my mum knitting a sweater..
each time, every time, whenever
Whenever I go overseas, I realize the merits of my own country.
To be decided, to be arranged
It has been decided I will go to new york
at, in, as for
the progress IN science / occur AT the hotel
in the middle of; not yet finished V-ing
I fell asleep while in the middle of reading the magazine.
得る, うる
able to do
All I can think of
〜極まる, 〜きわまる
Extremely; The height of…; Knows no bounds. Always has a negative meaning.
The height of rudeness.
ような気がする, ようなきがする
It's like it could be...
It's like we can make it a Curry and Rice Night
(1) intolerable, unbearable, unendurable, (2) cannot help (doing), cannot but do, anxious to do, (3) tremendous, out of this world, irresistible.
It's unbearably hot today
一息, ひといき
a short period of time
Don`t rest now work is almost finished.
surrounding, concerning, about [/ focusing on / in connection with]
There is much debate "concerning...etc" ......X
最中に, さいちゅうに
right in the middle of
Right in the middle of the ceremony, the lights went out.
to begin with ... and also ...
she speaks english to begin with, but also french and german
一方だ, いっぽうだ
increasing tendency
the number of people with mobile phones is increasing
is surely because 〜; not surprising that 〜; It was worth 〜
It is not surprising that the representative flower of Japan is the cherry blossom.
will not [expresses a little uncertainty]
will [probably not] not eat
(It's been) decided; expected; definitely
He'll definitely lose the match.
if one did; if one were to
If we went to a hot spring, where would be good?
一方では, いっぽうでは
on the one hand . . . [can also mean "on the other hand"]
On the one hand, you are right . . .
rather, I would say the chance is small
leaving A aside, A is good, but B is another thing
price aside, its great.
not only, but also
not only smokes, but also drinks
〜に足る, 〜にたる
is plenty; has value
Adequately trustworthy person
邪魔する, じゃまする
to interrupt.
I don't want to disturb you. 邢魔したくない = jama. shitakunai
so...that one can`t stand it; unbearably;extremely
adj (i) stem kute tamaranai; adj (na) stem de tamaranai
no need to
There's no need to be insulting, you know!
if (one had) 〜's perspective
if (one had) the firm's perspective, low wages are good
won't (do something)
I won't tell her
に際して, にさいして
when; on the occasion of; at (the time of); in; upon (doing something)
When I transferred to Osaka, I left my wife and children behind in Tokyo.
途端(に), とたん(に)
as soon as, the instant
as soon as I opened the door
Despite running, I didn't catch the train.
代わりに, かわりに
to make up for, in exchange for
.. but to make up for it I will work later
I became able to speak japanese
致します, いたします
do (humble)
I will present this to you
so, therefore (explaining something unavoidable)
The dog ate my homework (so) I can't turn it in today.
For japanese steak, this is pretty tasty.
〜反面, 〜はんめん
on the other hand
the reverse
というものではない; というものでもない
Doesn't mean that; It's not (true) that; Not necessarily
It's not true that you can solve anything with money.
See [とたん(に)]
掛かる, かかる
死にかかった= almost died
of course, expected result
Of course it's cold. ; As you would expect...
as if; as if ~ were convinced that; as if ~ believed that; as if ~ decided that
Takemoto vented his long held complaints as if he were convinced this was the time to do so
explain causes, reasons, grounds
The thing is that my car broke down and I had to come by bus.
かと思うと, かとおもうと
When I think it may
When I think that it may continue this way I really get depressed.
を契機に, をけいきに
on the opportunity of
if you do A, do B at the same time
と言うと, というと
when you talk of, speaking of, when you say
talking of the french...
based on
this novel is based on real life
doesn't it seem ~ ?
seems like it will rain?
No matter what; Even if; No matter how
no matter what kind of person
especially because (non-intuitive nuance)
When it snows, I really miss my mother.
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