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even; only; just
I can't even see it
からといって, からと言って
just because A it is not enough to B
just because he is japanese...
の余り, のあまり
because of too much
心配のあまり => because of too much anxiety
に当たって; に当たり, にあたって; にあたり
on the occasion of; at; in; before; prior to
On the occasion of my study abroad, my father told me about his own experience.
必ずしも・・・でない, かならずしも・・・でない
not necessarily
Big men are not necessarily strong men
に加えて, にくわえて
in addition to
Well, in addition to that, he also paid for the food.
leaving aside, aside from
Leaving that aside
に応えて, にこたえて
in response to
in response to consumer demand...
限り, かぎり
as far as, as long as, until, unless
as far as I know
far from A, in fact B; not just; even
Far from being nice, she is in fact an ogre.
about, as
(about) as normal as any other guy on the street.
despite; though; although; in spite of
despite the rain lots of people came
Regardless of
Regardless of the cost - I must buy it.
Vm, despite while, although
while knowing that smoking is bad, I just keep doing it
条件形〜ほど, ば〜ほど
the more +V(+A), the more ...
the more you read, the less you know
to show
I was ashamed to show my face
下さい, ください
Please give me,that
As I thought; after all
As I thought, he didn't turn up.
余り, あまり
not much, too much
あまり面白くない => not very interesting / あまり遅い => too late
although, despite
although he's tall, he can't run fast
not to mention; not only, but also;
He can't walk, let alone run
if .. is possible, then...
if i can go
V, ought to, must
you must call your parents
Vm, -ing
even knowing I need exercise, I don't
〜程, 〜ほど
the more... the more... as along with, to the extent
the colder it is, the more delicious sake can be made
得る, える
to get, to win, to be possible
I won it in a raffle.
Can't avoid doing x
I can't not go [always double-neg] = I have to / I must go
〜に沿って, 〜にそって
go along with; in line with
to go along with the kids wishes...
に過ぎない, にすぎない
nothing more than
nothing more than a rumor
一方, いっぽう
on the other hand, on the other side, one-way
It's one-way traffic only on this street.
in place of; instead of
instead of milk, sweetener
〜こなす, こなす
have the knack to deal with something; completely
I dealt with it expertly
に関して, にかんして
concerning; with regard to; about; on
with regard to taxes, most people think they are too high
on the contrary
on the contrary, the drink was bitter
~?, like か
(What) is it, again?
次第, しだい
as soon as; depending on
As soon as i get to India, I will call you.
に等しい, にひとしい
equivalent to
coins are equivalent to cash
not just, but also
not just people, but also pets can go to the spa nowadays
As much as; As fast as; To the extent of.
Have as much as you want.
to do it in advance OR to leave it in the current state expecting a later change
I left the window open
only guys can work there
と言えば, といえば
speaking of ~
Speaking of rain, what is the weather like tomorrow?
just, for good, once and for all (keeps on same state)
he went to america for good.
有り得る, ありうる
to be possible, to be likely
Do you think this is feasible?
Vm, ~ difficult to
hard to understand
たとえ, たとえ-ても
even if
even if you
通り, とおり
in that way
Didn't it turn out the way I said?
no way to
no way to eat the soup
I am late because my alarm clock is broken
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