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If thats not ... I don't know what is
If that's not a secret society, i don't know what is
Since, since then
Since then, I haven't seen Spike.
like / ish
his sarcastic-ish way of speaking
〜をもって (を以て)
at (time / moment)
today's business will close at 7
there is a tendency for ~ to happen (and it is somewhat bad and/or a cause for concern)
that person tends to talk more than act
ならいざ知らず, ならいざしらず
I'm not sure if it is [possible/so] but...
It's possible that an expert could do this but there I no way I can do it.
〜を限りに, をかぎりに
with 〜, some continuing activity will end (or a prohibition on an activity will start)
Starting today, I've decided to stop smoking.
"if it happens to be" • since it is a special condition
If you happen to have a large body and strong legs, you are the ideal shape for a rugby player
When it comes to (special situation), Naturally, (X) follows
When it comes to the cherry blossom season, the park is packed with cherry blossom viewers
In examples such as "Without A, I can't do B" where, without Action A, there is no possibility of B
If you don't obtain the permission of the teacher in charge, you cannot change your registered classes
"It's not as if" giving a reason why something should not be how it is
It's not as if we're going to climbing a mountain in winter, so you don't need such overstated clothing
故に, 故の, ゆえに, ゆえの
Due to, therefore (formal, written)
She also has many worries due to her good looks.
despite a certain time / despite a certain situation
Thank you for seeing me despite being so busy.
Not only ~ (but also ~); not only that. Used in comparison, juxtaposition, and analogy - literary language. Formal, written.
I heard that she didn't just look after the the elderly man who'd fallen over, she took him all the way home
〜堪えない, 〜にたえない
Emphasizing a strong emotional reaction either good or bad
I'm absolutely furious about the way he treats me.
It's not proper
It's not a proper action for a professional artist to steal others compositions.
〜に難くない, 〜にかたくない
not hard to ...(名詞+にかたくない/ Vる+にかたくない)
not hard to imagine it becoming a problem
expresses continuing state
he kept staring at her
I'm not sure if it is [possible/so] but...
It's possible that an expert could do this, but I can't.
it is even more unlikely that 〜
even adults also being eluded of this matter,there is no way/it is even more unlikely that children knows such a thing
can't / can't afford 〜(doing something)
we can't be relaxing like this drinking tea
不調法 or 無調法, ぶちょうほう
A rudeness or blunder, carelessness
(1)ainiku osake ha buchouhou deshite - I must apologize but I don't drink (2) karaoke wo utatte agerareru to ii n desuga, ainiku buchouhou na mono desu. If I could sing karaoke to you I would but sorry unfortunately I can't.
やむをえない (已むを得無い)
no other way to do something しかたがない
この大雪では、試合を中止にするのもやむをえない There's no other way but to cancel the game because of the snowfall
そばから, 傍から
as soon as, right after
The child messes up [the room] (repeatedly) as soon as I clean so I already became wanting to give up.
Ever Since s.t. changed
Ever since the daughter returned, her aging father has really perked up
矢先に, やさきに
Just as one is about to start doing something
Just as I was about to leave the house, it started raining
と言ったらない, といったらない
There's no way to express...
There's no way to express my gratitude for your saving me
お茶を濁す, おちゃをにごす
to avoid giving a direct answer
本音を見せず、お茶を濁した。He beat around the bush and avoided showing his true feelings.//もちろん人それぞれだからと慌てて茶を濁し、話題をすり替えた。She hurriedly made up some excuse about there being all types of people and changed the subject.
割りに(は), わりに(は)
comparatively; very...
年の割りに若く見える.= She looks young for her age./値段の割りに品がいい. = The quality is reasonably good for its price.
suddenly, by coincidence
without thinking, I shouted out
せいぜい (精精)
my utmost, at most
try my utmost
Even; just
I never even imagined it
〜が早いか, 〜がはやいか
as soon as
As soon as the President arrived
In the face of, in defiance of, in spite of
particularly thanks to
apparently, naturally
of course she got angry
besides doing a main thing, one is also involved in another activities.
the king sat beside the queen
気が付いた, きがついた
I realized
natto is tasty, I realized
while doing something and taking advantage of that opportunity to do something else
getting one thing done while doing something else
極まりない/ 極まる, きわまりない/ きわまる
unlimited, extremely, boundlessly
私は、彼の失礼きわまりない態度に我慢ならなかった。 I couldn't get used to his unlimited rudeness.
たかだか (高高)
At most
At the very outside
居られない, いられない
cannot exist, not possible, can't afford to
don't have the time to
from (the point of view)
from his point of view
at least, at most a small thing
at least I want to finish
only; because of that
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