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〜が最後, 〜がさいご
If s.o. does s.t for even a moment, the following result will necessarily occur • Once someone starts something, the person can’t stop it
If the boss even touches the mic for a second, he won't let anyone else sing karaoke ALL night
まみれ (塗れ), まにれ
covered in st (名詞+に+まみれる); (名詞+まみれ)
covered in sauce: ソースまみれ、ソースにまみれる
If it wasn't for...
If it wasn't for love...
〜をおいて (を措いて)
apart from/leaving aside
apart from you
Even only / Even merely / Even just
Don't waste even just one cent!
As soon as
As soon as the door opened, 8 people burst out of the car.
because/since - explains the cause or gives a reason for
Since it was early morning, there wasn't even a dog around.
Whether X or Y; A structure that means "no matter which one is the case"
No matter if one is famous or nameless, life is short.
either.... or....
Either you must come here or I must go there.
am determined to
I will definitely become President
今さら〜たところで, いまさら〜たところで
it's already too late, It's no use doing s.t. now
It's too late to explain why.
頂く, いただく
to receive (polite)
the mail I received today
For the purpose of; To ____, In order to
I studied hard in order to become an engineer.
に至って, にいたって
Once [things have] reached the point at which...; (Only) now that it has come to this...
Expresses that it is already late in the game. // in an extreme instance //at this moment [point] (in time)
〜の至り, 〜のいたり
completely; utmost
the utmost joy
Conveys the idea that if something occurs, then a bad end is reached.
If you tell your girlfriend that her cooking sucks, you're screwed.
must not; cannot
を禁じ得無い, をきんじえない
can't help feeling
I can't help feeling sorry for them
〜に越したことは無いが, 〜にこしたことはないが
Normally Its better to (You can never have too much)
(As used by my Tennis Club Chairman) It would be better if the weather was nice
と思いきや, とおもいきや
"thought so, but" OR, "would have thought so/imagined, but didn't"
I thought this restaurant would be cheap but (surprisingly) the bill was over 5,000 yen.
~としたところで, ~としたって, ~にしたところで
even if, though
Even if all the members participated, there'd still only be about 20 persons
未だに, いまだに
Still, yet
The old man still cherishes his old pen.
even, although, though, even though
Even though I live in Tokyo, there are many sightseeing spots in the city that I don't know.
(よ)うが, (よ)うと ようが ようと
"even if", "no matter what" (people say etc.), strong expression that contains the idea of concession
Even if people say I'm stubborn or stupid, I'll do what I believe.
even though ~ try / want to ~; although ~ be thinking of doing; A conjunctive phrase that indicates concession: "even though s.o. tries to do s.t., he/she cannot do it for some reason"
I have a terrible headache, and I cannot get up even though I want to
In order to do
In order to pass the test, he studied day and night.
今から思えば, いまからおもえば
Looking back on it now
Looking back on it now, breaking up was the right thing to do.
これ以上〜ば, これいじょう〜ば
if ~ any more than this
If it rains any more...
without regard to
はかどる (捗る)
Make progress
Making progress in one's work
has value; it is worth doing
It is worth reading that book
始末だ, しまつだ
Unfortunately, (it has become ~)
Unfortunately, it came to the point where he had to borrow money.
〜っぱなし (〜っ放し)
Keep ~ing / To leave ~
I kept standing for 5 hours.
〜をよそに (を余所に)
Without consideration for... / Despite... / Without thinking...
Without considering his parents expectations, he dropped out of university.
would be much better, would be acceptable
If it was next month that would be better, but it isn't going to happen until next year.
隙に, すきに
While 〜 To take advantage of a moment of time to do something (there is an element of cunning in its meaning)
(1)kare ga yudan shiteiru suki ni kishuu shite hoshin da zo. The best thing to do is to attack him when his guard is down.
唯でさえ, ただでさえ
To add to, something alone is normally enough
This neighbourhood was already noisy enough but this week they started construction work
Because ~; ~ as expected; because ~, naturally ~; Introduces an expected reason for some circumstance that is different from the usual situation.
Because this is the series of holidays after the bonus season, (unsurprisingly), all the tourist spots are crowded.
と相まって, とあいまって
Coupled with, together with
In many countries, water and air polution is coupled with progressive environmental destruction
expressing the speaker's feeling that although an ideal action or state isn't possible, at least the next best action or stat is or should be available
Although you may not be able to call this public performance a great success, it produced results of a sort.
In terms of both ~ and ~; in terms of ~ as well as ~; from the perspective of both ~ and ~
From the perspective of the colour as well as the design, this suit is a good match for you
(よ)うと〜まい, (よ)うが〜まい, ようと〜まい, よう
Regardless of whether or not
Regardless of whether it rains or not, I'm going out.
〜をもって (を以て)
By means of, via, through - method by which you do / achieve something
Inform by letter
(not) much, barely
People complain that Japanese is difficult but do not study enough.
as if
~ず もがな
Vn, As well not to ~
as well not to buy them
やまない (止ま無い・已ま無い)
not to stop
Kids don't stop seeking their parents' love.
at the same time, incidentally;doing something while fulfilling different purposes at the same time
incidental to business, go sightseeing
に あたらない
no need to do so
no need to feel sorry for him
not likely
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