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兼ねて, かねて
combine with
combine work and play
は言うまでもなく, はいうまでもなく
goes without saying/not to mention
he speaks vulcan, not to mention geek.
just / even if
if you just take your vitamins
seems (but is not); indeed
the bag indeed looks heavy, but its empty
や否や, やいなや
just as soon as
the baby cried as soon as it saw me
in one's own way, one's own style
she has her own way of doing it
ごとき, ごとく, ごとし
Like, As if; resemblance, analogy, similarity
I want to fly like a bird.
に即して, にそくして
in line with, in keeping with
in keeping with our customs
it seems, apparently, somehow
it seems he doesn't know
1. started, but not finished; 2. nearly occurred (but didn't)
1. the half-drunk thing in the fridge; 2. nearly hit by a car
に相当する, にそうとうする
this is equivalent to that
being in/due to/suited to
due to the confusion
に関わる, にかかわる
Brings about an effect on; relates to; a matter of
that will affect our reputation
Without really planning to, ~ A phrase indicating that the subject does something without paying much attention or that when, where, to whom, etc. s.t. took place is unclear.
Without really planning to, I spent all day playing computer games.
に至る, にいたる
leads to, all the way to, as far as
this thinking will lead us to glory
〜は愚か・〜は疎か, 〜はおろか
let alone B; not to mention; of course A but also B;
He can't read hiragana let alone kanji.
Notwithstanding, even while, even though, as she was
child as she was
No need to
お金よりも健康が大切なことを言うまでもない It goes with out saying that health is more important than money
carelessly, without thinking
make a careless mistake
since (A) started, it has been continuously in the same state
Use old things as they were originally used.
unless / impossible if it's not / only possible with/by/at/etc / very difficult by any other~,
service you can expect only at this shop / cannot be done by anyone but him / impossible unless one is a student
in any case, anyway
anyway, you can't come
Just like
Just like the real thing.
もさることながら (も然る事乍ら)
is (such) but (____) is also
of course talent is important but practice cannot be neglected
Although it is said that, even though it is said, admitting that, that being said, however, nevertheless
Even admitting that Jane didn't have much time, I don't believe that she couldn't write a simple report like this
Used to express passive and active actions happening at once.
push and be pushed. go and come back, chase and be chased
辛うじて, かろうじて
I barely made it to the train.
No matter what; Even if; No matter how
Even the company president has to obey the rules.
above everything; more than before
More than winning the match, i think we can be proud that we really gave it our all
without (the thing "without" is s.t. that should naturally have been there)
You cannot enter university without the proper forms
in sharp contrast with; compared to
The son, in stark contrast to his meticulous father, was slovenly.
if not.. then noone
noone but him can do this
because (of a negative thing); simply because; simply on account of
he was fired just for talking back
果たして, はたして
really, as was expected
is it really true?
Whatever; whoever, etc.
Whatever happened
今ごろになって ~も, いまごろになって ~も
it's already too late
It's too late to say you're sorry!
Thanks to (various things), (outcome)
My success is thanks to your support
と言わんばかりに, といわんばかりに
as if to say
She winked at me, as if to say , I love you
cannot stand; cannot do; no value to
I can't stand listening to his karaoke
ひとり〜だけでなく, ひとり〜のみならず
not only (A) but also (B)
The trend in declining birth rates is not just Japan, but is similarly seen in other countries too.
の極み, のきわみ
the utmost
height of luxury
〜尽くめ, 〜ずくめ
Full of / A lot of
The meeting was full of good ideas.
But...! / But If (you) had just... / But (I) could have...
But if you had just asked, I would have given it to you.
If unexpectedly there is anything , 〜
If there is anything unexpected, please call here.
さすが (流石)
as expected, after all
he won. After all, he is a fast runner
いかなる〜でも (如何なる〜でも)
whatever ~
whatever your conclusion, I will accept it.
〜が最後, 〜がさいご
If s.o. does s.t for even a moment, the following result will necessarily occur • Once someone starts something, the person can’t stop it
If the boss even touches the mic for a second, he won't let anyone else sing karaoke ALL night
まみれ (塗れ), まにれ
covered in st (名詞+に+まみれる); (名詞+まみれ)
covered in sauce: ソースまみれ、ソースにまみれる
If it wasn't for...
If it wasn't for love...
〜をおいて (を措いて)
apart from/leaving aside
apart from you
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