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it seems, apparently, somehow
it seems he doesn't know
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I rushed, and somehow made it on time.
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It seems he doesn't know.
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It appears that he cannot identify that man there.
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I almost think you're right.
Edit  #3927 Miki
I seem to have caught a bad cold.
Edit  #3928 Miki
There appears to be a misunderstanding.
Edit  #3929 Miki
The chances are that I had my wallet stolen on the bus.
Edit  #3930 Miki
I'm afraid I've eaten too much.
Edit  #3931 Miki
I'm afraid it will rain tomorrow.
Edit  #3932 Miki
It would seem that the weather is improving.
Edit  #3933 Miki
We seem to have escaped form danger.
Edit  #3934 Miki
I only meant to eat one cookie, but I seem to have eaten the lot.
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