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JLPT N2 Author: dc
No sooner than; just as, at that instant
just as the doors opened they rushed in
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Just as the pistol sounded, they started
#3306 Author: dc

The party had hardly left when it began to rain.
#4603 Author: Miki

No sooner had I entered the hall than the ceremony began.
#4604 Author: Miki

I had hardly fallen asleep when the telephone rang.
#4605 Author: Miki

He is such a good DJ, no sooner has one song finished, he already has the next record ready to play.
#6923 Author: kadoka66

This shops sushi lunchbox is no sooner put on sale, it sells like hot cakes.
#6925 Author: kadoka66

just at the moment when the train doors are opening, the passengers fly out.
#318 Author: dc

I took the phone off the hook before it had a chance to ring.
#6924 Author: kadoka66

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