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in the end, afterall
in the end, he ended up in jail
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After talking with both (his) parents the end result was that I decided to divorce him.
Edit  #1340 dc
In the end he landed up in jail.
Edit  #818 Amatuka
Four elephants get drunk and in the end crashed into high-voltage power lines, electrocuted.
Edit  #819 Amatuka
After hard thinking , I carried out the plan
Edit  #1333 dc
After she gave people a great deal of trouble, she left the company without even saying good-bye.
Edit  #3255 Vbk, Miki
I shopped around for my computer and ended up paying $200 less than David.
Edit  #4381 Miki
I accepted the offer after due consideration.
Edit  #4382 Miki
After a lot of eating , I threw up.
Edit  #6376 hgtedo
After making so many complaints , she just got up and left.
Edit  #6784 赤毛
after completing all the exercises, the body becomes stronger.
Edit  #8575 belajar
After much dithering, in the end I turned down his invitation.
Edit  #1212 dc
After much studying, I graduated.
Edit  #6244 dc
One way or another how much I wanted to studying abroad in an university, after much being harshly worried about it , I decided to go to a Japanese university.
Edit  #6738 赤毛
After a long hesitation 、I`ve turned down his propose.
Edit  #8095 karekano
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