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the more +V(+A), the more ...
the more you read, the less you know
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The more handsome you are, the easier it is to find a lover.
Edit  #6662 koluky
The harder you study Japanese, the more interesting it will become.
Edit  #58 dc
The longer I stayed there the more I came to like it.
Edit  #232 dc
The more you do it, the worse it gets.
Edit  #661 Amatuka
I would be grateful if you can do it sooner rather than later.
Edit  #1227 dc
More haste, less speed is a paradox.
Edit  #4385 Miki
The more books you read, the more you'll know.
Edit  #4387 Miki
The more I think of it, the less I like it.
Edit  #4388 Miki
The more difficult the question are, the less likely I am to be able to answer it.
Edit  #4389 Miki
The more you read the book, the less you understand it.
Edit  #4390 Miki
The more I thought about the problem, the more difficult it seemed to become.
Edit  #4391 Miki
Others will suspect us the more, the more we suspect them.
Edit  #4393 Miki
The more popcorn you eat, the more you want.
Edit  #4394 Miki
The more you drink, the less careful you will be.
Edit  #4395 Miki
The more leisure he has, the happier he is.
Edit  #4396 Miki
The more unique each person is, the more he contributes to the wisdom of others.
Edit  #4397 Miki
The more the better.
Edit  #6675 taunt
Sometimes the more you think about it, the less you can find the solution.
Edit  #6732 赤毛
The more you prepare for the presentation, the more confident you would feel.
Edit  #7007 yuubouna
The more I sing the better my voice gets.
Edit  #7040 赤毛
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