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に従って; に従い
nishitagatte; nishitagai
JLPT N2 Author: dc
にしたがって; にしたがい
following; in accordance with; as 〜, accordingly; in proportion to
As our income increases, our expenditure increase accordingly.
とともに; につれて; に伴って
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In accordance with the contract, your tenure is three years.
#6350 Author: rubyhatchet

As our income increases, our expenditure increases accordingly.
#6351 Author: rubyhatchet

The budget is insufficient. Accordingly, this plan cannot be implemented.
#552 Author: dc

As you go further south, the temperature gets warmer.
#553 Author: dc

The salary goes up as the experience is acquired.
#5999 Author: rkmovva

Please follow my instructions
#1200 Author: dc, bamboo4

Extended life expectancy according to medical advances.
#7147 Author: sureshnihon

As high up we climbed, the visibility got better.
#7780 Author: Makai

She took my advice and didn`t drop out of school.
#8344 Author: karekano

Our company conforms to government regulations on worker safety.
#8345 Author: karekano

Work by the rules
#8346 Author: karekano

In compliance with his wishes
#8347 Author: karekano

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