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JLPT N2 Author: dc
as expected, after all, since, for
He studied hard and passed, as expected. He passed, for he studied hard.
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As might be expected of a city like Tokyo, world-wide cuisine is available there.
#3094 Author: bamboo4

As might be expected of those who trod the path of hardships, he is a man of character.
#1337 Author: bamboo4

As expected of someone who studied in France, her pronunciation of French is lovely.
#6175 Author: rubyhatchet

As expected he performed well and got the promotion
#6541 Author: mvgn

Mars is all the more interesting for its close resemblance to our earth.
#3918 Author: Miki

(Her) parents are living together in the countryside. Since they are getting older, she is worrying about them.
#6176 Author: rubyhatchet

I took a great picture of a shark. Since it's a great white (Jaws) after all.
#8691 Author: HADAA

Tigers and horses are scary to me. For they are traumatic indeed.
#8690 Author: HADAA

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