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JLPT N2 Author: dc
rather, more than
cold rather than cool
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That person is graceful rather than pretty.
#5783 Author: ananya

"Your wife is a very cheerful person, isn't she?" "Nah, you should probably say noisy rather than cheerful."
#6239 Author: rubyhatchet

Rather than a genius, it's better to say that he is an eccentric.
#1185 Author: dc

This year's summer was so cool that it'd be better to say it was cold (rather than cool).
#1189 Author: dc

This magazine is more boring than interesting.
#5699 Author: Archana

Rather than being cute, she looks scary.
#5700 Author: Archana

The person Mr.yamada was very interested to reading books.so,it would be better to say scholar rather than engineer.
#7149 Author: sureshnihon

To me, this music is noisy, rather than enjoyable.
#1184 Author: dc

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