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JLPT N1 Author: dc
in line with, in keeping with
in keeping with our customs
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His biography is quite true to life.
#3624 Author: dc

In line with japanese customs
#1181 Author: dc

appraise someone realistically
#5150 Author: dc

do something that is not part of the rules of the game
#5151 Author: dc

be pertinent to the line of work
#5152 Author: dc

in view of the facts
#5153 Author: dc

be developed from a recommendation
#5154 Author: dc

give a faithful account of
#5155 Author: dc

think realistically
#5156 Author: dc

face up to heavy stress realistically
#5157 Author: dc

take an action that [conforms to / is in line with] reality
#8017 Author: LR

His biography is quite true to life.
#8018 Author: LR

the criminal was punished in accordance with the law
#8014 Author: LR

We will take into consderation countermeasures that address the situation
#8015 Author: LR

education adapted to meet the needs of the times
#8016 Author: LR

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