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at least, at most a small thing
at least I want to finish
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At least let me help with the table.
Edit  #4143 Miki
Can't you wait just ten more minutes?
Edit  #4144 Miki
He might at least apologize.
Edit  #4145 Miki
At the very least, I'd like to be able to have everyday conversations.
Edit  #4146 Miki
You should have enough sense not to drink, at least during your illness.
Edit  #4147 Miki
At least I want to be understood by my parents
Edit  #2929 dc
If we at least had a pot, we could cook rice
Edit  #1173 dc
Had we at least one more day!
Edit  #5001 bamboo4
At least show me your smiling face just one last time.
Edit  #6524 マリ
at most an uninteresting thing, but ...
Edit  #1174 dc, bamboo4
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