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Edit  Amatuka
To be decided, to be arranged
It has been decided I will go to new york
Edit  Amatuka
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At anyrate this report has got to be done at some point so [might as well] do it now.
Edit  #787 Amatuka
The system you're bound to use right away.
Edit  #919 Amatuka
It has been decided that I will transfer to Osaka next year
Edit  #1158 dc
It will have been raining for a week by tomorrow.
Edit  #3704 dbx
You'll be in charge of the girl working in this factory.
Edit  #3708 dbx
It has been decided that my husband will go to Tokyo for professional reasons.
Edit  #7835 Nihonjin
It has been arranged that I will study abroad.
Edit  #7836 Nihonjin
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