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dokorodehanai, dokorodehanaku
JLPT N2 Author: dc
not at all; far from; anything but; out of the question
Cold is not the word. It's FREEZING!
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This country's economy is steadily worsening and not improving at all.
#6270 Author: rubyhatchet

His wife is anything but nice; she's like an ogre.
#6271 Author: rubyhatchet

Even graduating is uncertain, so job-hunting is out of the question.
#6272 Author: rubyhatchet

I've got exams next week, so it's not the time to go travelling!
#6200 Author: B

Cold is not what we have here! I'm going to die its so cold!
#1157 Author: bamboo4, dc

Having just moved, I simply cannot be interested in taking a pleasure trip, since my hands are fully tied up in getting the house in shape.
#3210 Author: bamboo4

I am not angry, far from it.
#3754 Author: dbx

Since he can read such tiny print, he is far from near-sighted.
#3756 Author: dbx

He often makes mistakes, but he is no fool.
#3758 Author: dbx

He is far from being a gentleman.
#3759 Author: dbx

He is far from honest.
#3760 Author: dbx

serious is not the word, she's totally uptight!
#211 Author: dc

I'm so busy, I have no time to play
#1159 Author: dc

I have no money, so there's no way I can go shopping...
#1146 Author: dc

No time for taking a nap! Get ready this instant!
#1156 Author: bamboo4

I often make a business trip on business,but everyone said that you may travel here and there,for me sightseeing is out of the question.
#7135 Author: sureshnihon

I'm in a meeting now, so it is not a chatting point.
#8727 Author: baenur

Too bad weather to even think of seawater bath.
#6697 Author: 赤毛

In those days I had no money and even celebrate my birthday was out of the question .
#6698 Author: 赤毛

In february or march, because of the pressure of work due to the end of the fiscal year, it seems out of the question to have fun.
#6701 Author: 赤毛

I have work left undone, so this is really not the moment to have a drink.
#6700 Author: 赤毛

Although this is Spring, I am working until late at night and too preoccupied to even think of cherry blossom viewing.
#6699 Author: 赤毛

I was too busy to take a meal.
#8086 Author: karekano

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