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totally sold out
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If they can put forth every ounce of their energy at the game, they'll surely win.
Edit  #6077 rubyhatchet
That three part novel took me a year to read completely.
Edit  #1073 Amatuka
You goin't'get everybody in this tiny room are you?
Edit  #1074 Amatuka
Even though (despite the fact) she was on a diet, she ate all of the cake. (ate it to the end)
Edit  #1075 Amatuka
Come on, sit down and rest your weary legs.
Edit  #4652 Miki
The fact is apparent to everybody.
Edit  #4653 Miki
Harry managed to swim right across the river.
Edit  #4654 Miki
There is a part I cannot fully explain, so please checkout the demo website.
Edit  #5328 dc
In 1875, Matthew Webb swam the breadth of the English Channel from beginning to end.
Edit  #5981 007
Swimming the entire length of the English Channel is not easy.
Edit  #5982 007
I read a book 1000 pages long in one night because it was so interesting.
Edit  #6033 angelitosh2004
He got lost in the mountains and lived ten full days on nothing but water, so when he was found he was extremely weak.
Edit  #6034 angelitosh2004
My father comes home from work dead tired every night.
Edit  #6035 angelitosh2004
I can't possibly eat all of this. Is it all right if a little bit is left?
Edit  #6078 rubyhatchet
She ran a full 100 meter.
Edit  #7269 IMABI
I was completely tired ,but I could't sleep nevertheless.
Edit  #7270 IMABI
He was completely engrossed in (reading) the book.
Edit  #8233 karekano
Her eyes are (as) clear as glass.
Edit  #8234 karekano
Human beings will someday use up all the ramaining oil supplies on earth.
Edit  #8235 karekano
The Yankees scored two runs in the seventh and held on for a 5-3 victory.
Edit  #8236 karekano
She declared that she was right.
Edit  #4655 Miki
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