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because (of a negative thing); simply because; simply on account of
he was fired just for talking back
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I missed a really important announcement just because I happened to be absent that day.
Edit  #215 Amatuka
I am broke because I bought a new car
Edit  #1018 d4
Just because I did not know there was a ferry service, I ended up walking halfway around the lake.
Edit  #3085 bamboo4
Just because I failed my German language exam, I cannot graduate next month.
Edit  #5927 mahoujin
He hates me simply because I told a lie.
Edit  #7053 youri
Just because I asked where the party was, I got asked to help out (which I don't want to do)
Edit  #7148 sureshnihon
I was late for school just because I had overslept.
Edit  #8111 karekano
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