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JLPT N2 Author: dc
in the end, result
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After thinking about various things for a long time, I decided to leave the company.
#3203 Author: newt, dc

A week's reflection led to a new plan.
#4358 Author: Miki

After considerable argument, the buyer and the seller finally came to terms.
#4359 Author: Miki

George was describing a 30 pound bass he'd caught recently after fighting it for three hours.
#4360 Author: Miki

In the mountains it is not until the end of April that the snow disappears completely from the ground.
#4361 Author: Miki

After the ups and downs, finally get the feeling of security.
#959 Author: dc

After studying all night, I finished my essay
#1005 Author: d4, dc

After a long time of hardship there is nothing more delightful than success
#3204 Author: newt, dc

The success in the end in which it has a hard time is glad in above all.
#7196 Author: sureshnihon

Some roses flower late in summer.
#8453 Author: karekano

She won the election as a result of the hard-fought campaign.
#8454 Author: karekano

Please don't say nothing. In your place, after thinking it well, I wouldn't have led to any conclusion.
#6826 Author: 赤毛

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