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can't avoid doing x
i can't not go [always double-neg]
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I must go.
Edit  #1061 Amatuka
the rules are decided by everybody, so you must obey them
Edit  #1062 Amatuka
My grades are bad so I have no choice but to repeat the year.
Edit  #1063 Amatuka
I have to oppose this idea.
Edit  #4287 Miki
We have no choice but to compromise.
Edit  #4288 Miki
At this rate, we'll have to change the schedule.
Edit  #4289 Miki
If you say that you cannot help doing something, you mean you cannot prevent or avoid it.
Edit  #4290 Miki
I cannot help thinking so.
Edit  #4291 Miki
We are subject to change our plans if the president disagrees.
Edit  #4292 Miki
I cannot help crying for sympathy.
Edit  #4293 Miki
I can't but accept his invitation.
Edit  #4294 Miki
I could not but think that he was dead.
Edit  #4295 Miki
I feel for my father, who has to work on Sundays. [M]
Edit  #4296 Miki
I don't want to go, but because it's the manager's order, I have no choice but to go.
Edit  #6131 rubyhatchet
The amount of money was huge and I couldn't pay it, so I had no choice but to ask my father for assistance.
Edit  #6132 rubyhatchet
Forced to defend an important person.
Edit  #8560 belajar
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