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JLPT N2 Author: dc
based (up)on
This is a novel based on real life.
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As long as there are countries, it's expected that institutions will be established based upon the law.
#6424 Author: rubyhatchet

I will speak to you on the basis of facts
#950 Author: dc

hiragana and katakana shapes are based on kanji.
#951 Author: dc

"Lord of the Rings" is a movie based on a novel.
#3301 Author: Jonathan Salatan

Up to now, the report has been put together based on the research.
#7153 Author: sureshnihon

Her theory is based on careful research.
#8333 Author: karekano

His description was based on reality.
#8334 Author: karekano

Her argument was not built on facts.
#8335 Author: karekano

His escuse rested on few facts.
#8336 Author: karekano

Establish a college around Christian beliefs.
#8337 Author: karekano

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