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became a rule; been decided that; expected to; supposed to
My daughter is supposed to study abroad next year.
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Smoking is supposed to be prohibited here.
Edit  #841 bamboo4
By law (it is decided that) children should not be put to work.
Edit  #844 Amatuka
We are to meet at the station at eight.
Edit  #3687 dbx
Far from refuting the thesis that racism is to blame for lower IQ score, Lynn's data actually supports it.
Edit  #3688 dbx
I am to call on Mr Smith tomorrow.
Edit  #3689 dbx, Miki
You are not supposed to play baseball here.
Edit  #3690 dbx
We are not supposed to drink in this theater.
Edit  #3692 dbx
You are not to leave this building.
Edit  #3693 dbx
This assignment is to be handed in on Monday.
Edit  #3694 dbx
This loan will carry very heavy interest.
Edit  #3695 dbx
Everybody is supposed to wear a tie at the party.
Edit  #3696 dbx
My daughter is supposed to study abroad next year.
Edit  #6117 rubyhatchet
Students that weren't able to take the test are supposed to submit a report.
Edit  #6118 rubyhatchet
When absent from school, you are to notify us, by all means.
Edit  #6119 rubyhatchet
I am supposed to meet my friend this coming Sunday.
Edit  #7182 sureshnihon
In this dormitory, the doors are closed at 12:00.
Edit  #7183 sureshnihon
In this seat it is okay to smoke.
Edit  #7184 sureshnihon
A passing grade has been decided to be above 60 points.
Edit  #7854 Cyrus
We are supposed to go to the Tokyo station not later than 3 o'clock for the date with mister Yamada.
Edit  #6706 赤毛
For the class work of mister Yamada, it has been set that you may submit a report instead of taking the test.
Edit  #6707 赤毛
In this room, authorized people only are allowed to enter.
Edit  #6708 赤毛
All the morning I used to study grammar. In the afternoon, I am expected to focus studying conversation.
Edit  #6709 赤毛
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