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Edit  Amatuka
meaning; reason; circumstances
And by that reasoning ...
Edit  Amatuka
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By no means do I dislike farming. (Lit: The reason is not that I dislike farming)
Edit  #903 Amatuka
I felt sad for no reason .
Edit  #904 Amatuka
A couple with some amorous circumstances
Edit  #1268 bamboo4
Not difficult to resolve that issue.
Edit  #1269 bamboo4
You are trying to compare apples and oranges.
Edit  #1270 bamboo4
That is not the way the ball bounces.
Edit  #4960 bamboo4
Don't tell me such nonsense!
Edit  #4961 bamboo4
Even if you do have a part-time job, that's no reason to drop your study. .
Edit  #5735 tsunami
There's no way I can eat that much!
Edit  #6990 agnestan
There's no way I've been to her room!
Edit  #6991 agnestan
(Are you studying Japanese(as long as)three hours every day? No wonder your Japanese is good.) wake
Edit  #8049 lenzras
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