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Edit  Amatuka
If it's from outside, I don't mind.
Edit  Amatuka
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I was told that if you're taking it from outside I don't mind so I went out and took the shot.
Edit  #901 Amatuka
If you drive, don't drink.
Edit  #906 Amatuka
I would rather die than conceal my belief.
Edit  #907 Amatuka
If you cannot attend for unavoidable reasons, we will refund your advance payment.
Edit  #1259 bamboo4
If you cannot attend for reasons of your own, the advance payment will not be refunded.
Edit  #1288 bamboo4
If you think the job is no good, then I think it is best if you quit.
Edit  #3124 KotatsuSama
If you were in Sendai, you should have called me.
Edit  #5288 ninja_k
If I knew HE was coming, I wouldn't have attended this party.
Edit  #5289 ninja_k
uHow about meeting at 7 o'clock?」「7 is bad for me, but 8 is fine.」
Edit  #7001 タン
If you go to China, you should book your ticket early. nara
Edit  #7002 タン
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