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[Verb Phrase] with all your [Noun Phrase]
sing with all your heart
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As she sang with all her heart , the audience was deeply moved.
Edit  #210 Amatuka
Pray with all your heart.
Edit  #3682 dbx
He turned angrily on his accusers.
Edit  #3683 dbx
He lifted it up with all his might.
Edit  #3684 dbx
Her technique is superb, but she needs to play with more expression.
Edit  #3685 dbx
She said her prayers, her heart full of love and tenderness.
Edit  #3686 dbx, Miki
She knitted that sweater with all her love.
Edit  #6779 赤毛
Passionately, and anti-nuclear signatures.
Edit  #7202 sureshnihon
The prayer of a sick recovery was put, and the crane was folded all.
Edit  #7203 sureshnihon
He gave her an affectionate kiss.
Edit  #8526 karekano
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