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Edit  Amatuka
N, to want something (desirative)
I want a car.
Edit  Amatuka
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I'd like some shoes.
Edit  #893 Amatuka
"I want a wife and children, and so I need a house."
Edit  #4990 Miki
I want someone to talk to.
Edit  #4991 Miki
I feel like another beer.
Edit  #4992 Miki
I want ice cream for dessert.
Edit  #4993 Miki
What do you want now?
Edit  #4994 Miki
I would like a receipt, please.
Edit  #4995 Miki
I want (you/it). [romantic nuance]
Edit  #6432 adamstudio
I want you to do my homework.
Edit  #6661 tigert
If you want something please ask for it.
Edit  #6885 赤毛
What sort of portfolio do you want?
Edit  #6886 赤毛
The tape recorder I want is a little smaller.
Edit  #6888 赤毛
I want new Western-style clothes.
Edit  #6889 赤毛
The map I wanted was nowhere to be seen.
Edit  #6887 赤毛
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