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Edit  Amatuka
(subject marker)
There is a television in the kitchen.
Edit  Amatuka
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The bus + is coming!
Edit  #670 Amatuka
There is a television + in the kitchen.
Edit  #674 Amatuka
If it's here then you can buy a television for 20,000 yen - more or less.
Edit  #880 Amatuka, bamboo4
At this shop, you can buy PCs with special CG functionality that is not offered by others.
Edit  #3121 bamboo4
Rain is falling. (or it's raining)
Edit  #6440 hana
(My) Mother bought bread. Okaasan ga pan o kaimashita.
Edit  #7802 Rinji_HalfElf
Alise did it/that. Arisusan ga sore o shimashita.
Edit  #7803 Rinji_HalfElf
(My) Father saw (a) movie. Otoosan ga eiga o mimashita.
Edit  #7804 Rinji_HalfElf
(The) Newspaper is on top of the table. (+lit. table's top) Shinbun ga teeburu ue ni arimasu.
Edit  #7805 Rinji_HalfElf
This is my house. Kore ga watakushi+ no uchi desu. +polite, spelt with same kanji as watashi
Edit  #7806 Rinji_HalfElf
Who is she/that woman over there? Dare ga ano kanojo desu ka?
Edit  #7807 Rinji_HalfElf
It's raining (lit. Rain is falling). Ame ga futte imasu.
Edit  #7808 Rinji_HalfElf
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