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Edit  Amatuka
throughout, through, during all
She cried all day.
Edit  Amatuka
She cried all day.
Edit  #883 Amatuka
The dog kept barking all night.
Edit  #4996 Miki
My stomach started growling right there in the meeting. It was embarrassing.
Edit  #4997 Miki
I did without heating all through the winter.
Edit  #4998 Miki
My wife often rang me up during her travel abroad.
Edit  #4999 Miki
Currently trading
Edit  #6460 sekaiget_dominic
During spring break, I plan to go on holiday
Edit  #6461 sekaiget_dominic
I did nothing but play games all Summer
Edit  #6462 sekaiget_dominic
Sports players from all over the world dream of attending
Edit  #6463 sekaiget_dominic
While installing (this software), an error has occurred (Lit: while installing, error has awoken/arisen).
Edit  #6645 bunbun
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