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Edit  Amatuka
if, when (verb form)
When I wake up
Edit  Amatuka
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When (I) woke up late that night (my) breathing had become horribly irregular and difficult.
Edit  #875 Amatuka
If I go to England will it be like that for me as well?
Edit  #876 Amatuka
If you read the instructions first then you can make an IKEA flat furniture pack.
Edit  #5254 brsdjbd
"I wish that I could give you something... "
Edit  #5259 Miki
If you won a million yen, what would you do?
Edit  #5260 Miki
Let me read the paper when you have done with it. [M]
Edit  #5261 Miki
I can take a good long rest when this work is finished.
Edit  #5263 Miki
If your child drinks poison, rush him to the hospital.
Edit  #5264 Miki
If he is absent, we will not have a Japanese test.
Edit  #5265 Miki
If you're drunk don't drive.
Edit  #5266 Miki
If you ask him again, he may change his mind.
Edit  #5267 Miki
If I was a bird, I would like to fly around in the sky for the whole day long.
Edit  #5897 誠
When I went to the cafeteria, I unintentionally saw Mary.
Edit  #8599 starsandsea
When Alice got up in the morning, she found that it was raining.
Edit  #8600 starsandsea
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