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from (the point of view)
from his point of view
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As the person receiving the email he might casually forward the message with no ill intent but for the person who sent the email, put together with hard effort, to be sent on to a third party without notice could be unforgivable.
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From the point of view of those who know ...
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From this point of view, you are right.
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From the look of the sky, I'm afraid the rain won't let up for a while.
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From the look of the sky, it may begin to snow tonight.
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The circumstances gave color to her story.
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From the buyer's point of view, the prices of these CD players are too high.
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His plan seems very good from my point of view.
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From the standpoint of the law, he is free.
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From my aestheitc point of view,this is ugly.
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