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JLPT N4 Author: Amatuka
I know him but we've never met.
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This is out of nowhere [a sudden change of subject] but I completely forgot about the BoardGame notice.
#865 Author: Amatuka

Sorry [Bad of me] but could you keep it a little quieter?
#866 Author: Amatuka

He is not a friend, but an acquaintance.
#4793 Author: Miki

I played a match of tennis with my friend, but lost.
#4794 Author: Miki

Wood floats, but iron sinks.
#4798 Author: Miki

I tried to be calm but finally I lost my temper.
#4790 Author: Miki

The dishes were not so delicious, but otherwise the party was a success.
#4791 Author: Miki

I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I did overhear you.
#4792 Author: Miki

I don't know if it will be fine tomorrow, but if it is fine we'll go on a picnic.
#4795 Author: Miki

It is easy to make a man one's friend, but hard to keep him so.
#4796 Author: Miki

My friend K is beautiful, but she is not considerate to others.
#4797 Author: Miki

I have an apointment at eleven tomorrow, but can I change the time?
#4799 Author: Miki

I don't know her name, but I do know her by sight.
#4800 Author: Miki

I tried to call my daughter but couldn't get through.
#4801 Author: Miki

I studied English very hard every day, but I did not learn a lot.
#4802 Author: Miki

I'm very sorry, but I seem to have lost your umbrella.
#4803 Author: Miki

I ran as fast as possible, but I was not in time for the last train.
#4804 Author: Miki

I can eat fish but not meat.
#7833 Author: Rinji_HalfElf

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