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JLPT N2 Author: dc
even if
even if you
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Even if many difficulties lie ahead, I will do my best to succeed.
#6166 Author: rubyhatchet

Even if I have surgery, I'll probably never fully recover.
#6168 Author: rubyhatchet

Even if you hate them, you have no other choice but to eat your vegetables.
#6167 Author: rubyhatchet

Come what may.....
#1120 Author: bamboo4

Even though everyone says differently, I still believe I was correct.
#8035 Author: Trainwreck

Even if you are a doctor, you can't beat cancer.
#272 Author: dc

Even as a joke you can't mean that.
#1119 Author: bamboo4

I`ll go out even if it rains.
#8461 Author: karekano

Even though he says no, he shall hear us out.
#8462 Author: karekano

There is little, if any, difference between the two.
#8463 Author: karekano

If I should live to a hundred, I will never understand Picasso.
#8464 Author: karekano

Every driver, however skillful he is, must pass a driver`s license test.
#8465 Author: karekano

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