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Vm, despite while, although
while knowing that smoking is bad, I just keep doing it
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While knowing that medicine is dangerous I continued to take it.
Edit  #822 Amatuka, bamboo4
They [the pair] just looking intently at Harry while smiling.
Edit  #826 Amatuka
While taking keenly into account the supply surplus risk, each company will be proceeding with the deployment of its business.
Edit  #2035 drgon76, bamboo4
Despite saying "I'll come, I'll come", you didn't show up, did you.
Edit  #3143 bamboo4, bi-ru
Despite being compact, this vacuum cleaner works well.
Edit  #5814 Meghana
This week, despite having a cold, I went to work.
Edit  #5947 brsdjbd
Akiko sang while playing the piano.
Edit  #5952 Naino
I listen to music while driving.
Edit  #5953 Naino
Mr. Mori is watching TV while drinking tea.
Edit  #6317 slack.hideo
Why don't we talk while walking?
Edit  #7121 adamstudio
Let talk while drinking tea.
Edit  #7122 adamstudio
Please take notes while listening to the conversation.
Edit  #7123 adamstudio
Please don't talk on the phone while driving.
Edit  #7124 adamstudio
Are you able to sing while playing the piano?
Edit  #7125 adamstudio
He was smoking as he talked.
Edit  #8306 karekano
While I was reading, I fell asleep.
Edit  #8307 karekano
We discussed the matter over (our) dinner.
Edit  #8308 karekano
He speaks with a pipe in his mouth.
Edit  #8309 karekano
He is rich but not happy.
Edit  #8310 karekano
Though she was ill, she went to school.
Edit  #8311 karekano
I regret to tell you that she is seriously injured.
Edit  #8312 karekano
even part with her, love is still existing.
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