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JLPT N2 Author: dc
Vm, ~ difficult to
hard to understand
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An un controllable urge.
#3158 Author: Exrulez, dc

In one's life, there are occasionally situations where it is difficult to make on-the-spot decisions.
#3162 Author: bamboo4

The beauty of the scenery is hard to describe
#219 Author: Amatuka, dc

It's hard to decide who the winner of this match is.
#6022 Author: angelitosh2004

She's become diffiult to approach since being promoted to her new high position.
#6023 Author: angelitosh2004

He won Y100,000,000 in the lottery? I find it hard to believe such a story.
#6024 Author: angelitosh2004

This isn't the right answer, but I can't say it's a mistake either.
#6913 Author: brazenxvirtue

Since I've come to Japan, I've had a lot of valuable experiences (hard to get experiences).
#6914 Author: brazenxvirtue

I can't believe such a timid person could be a murderer.
#6915 Author: brazenxvirtue

Parents who abuse children or young people who abuse the elderly, those types of crimes I/we can't forgive (excuse).
#6916 Author: brazenxvirtue

It is incredible that she should have won the first prize.
#8167 Author: karekano

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