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Edit  Amatuka
(location marker, time marker, direction marker)
There's a dog in that car.
Edit  Amatuka
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There is a dog in that car.
Edit  #668 Amatuka
I have an appointment at ten.
Edit  #4885 Miki
Come at nine o'clock sharp.
Edit  #4886 Miki
Ten students stood up all at once.
Edit  #4887 Miki
I'm going to see her off at the airport at 2:00.
Edit  #4888 Miki
He is on vacation in Colorado.
Edit  #4889 Miki
Someone is at the door.
Edit  #4890 Miki
The town lies just above London.
Edit  #4891 Miki
The shop is on the left side of the street.
Edit  #4892 Miki
The Alps are in the centre of Europe.
Edit  #4893 Miki
San Francisco is on the West Coast of the U.S.
Edit  #4894 Miki
A TV remote control is under the couch.
Edit  #4895 Miki
The bus stop is near our school.
Edit  #4896 Miki
Rome is in Italy.
Edit  #4897 Miki
The sky is over at heads.
Edit  #4898 Miki
I made the video at 6:00 pm.
Edit  #8631 Sakuratree
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