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Edit  Amatuka
by means of, by, [action] at a place
I came by car.
Edit  Amatuka
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(I) came by car.
Edit  #694 Amatuka
Are you going by youself?
Edit  #695 Amatuka
I write with a pen.
Edit  #4782 Miki
Do you work at at Mizuho?
Edit  #7245 IMABI
Cutting meat with a knife is really difficult.
Edit  #7244 IMABI
I plan to return home in two or three days.
Edit  #7243 IMABI
He passed away at the age of 88.
Edit  #7242 IMABI
I passed the test on on the 3rd time.
Edit  #7241 IMABI
This store closes at eight o'clock.
Edit  #7240 IMABI
Play in/on the street.
Edit  #7239 IMABI
I like swimming in the sea.
Edit  #7238 IMABI
She works in that city.
Edit  #7237 IMABI
I bought it at the grocer's shop.
Edit  #7236 IMABI
At the corner of the street
Edit  #7235 IMABI
He wrote a letter with a pencil.
Edit  #8626 Sakuratree
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