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not necessarily
Big men are not necessarily strong men
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big men are not necessarily strong men.
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the good will not neccesarily prosper.
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Just because you go to Paris, it is not necessary to climb the Eiffel Tower.
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Just because it's Shibuya that does not neccesarily mean it has nothing but busy shops
Edit  #1243 dc, Miki
Just because its Tokyo does not neccesarily mean everything is expensive
Edit  #1244 dc, bamboo4
rich people are not neccesarily happy
Edit  #3150 dc
just because (you say?) you have a good linguistic ability doesn't neccesarily mean that its helpful to get a job.
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There are people who say that Japanese are very polite, but the fact of the matter is that I do not necessarily think that is correct.
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The rich are not necessarily happy.
Edit  #8197 karekano
You are not necessarily right.
Edit  #8198 karekano
Money, as such, not necessarily bring happiness.
Edit  #8199 karekano
Great men are not necessarily wise.
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