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JLPT N3 Author: Amatuka
([verb]-te, connects two sentences)
I'm going to the book shop to buy it.
Brining the bowl up to your mouth and shoveling rice in with Chopsticks is bad manners.
#3118 Author: KotatsuSama

I'm going to the book shop and buying it.
#888 Author: Amatuka

This large and red car is Mr Tanaka's.
#707 Author: Amatuka

He ate some melon and drank some coffee.
#6248 Author: fio

I come on foot (walking).
#6249 Author: fio

My younger sister is playing (right now).
#6250 Author: fio

The director is very angry (he became angry and is still angry).
#6251 Author: fio

It'll be a pleasure to help you out.
#6252 Author: fio

I brought the letter (lit. "having the letter, I came").
#6253 Author: fio

Mr. Tanaka's gone out (Mr. Tanaka is not here).
#6254 Author: fio

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