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Edit  Amatuka
Please give me,that
Edit  Amatuka
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Would you please call me up at five o'clock?
Edit  #4853 Miki
I'd like that beer, please.
Edit  #4854 Miki
Would you be so kind as to shut that window?
Edit  #4855 Miki
It may have been Mr SATO who sent these flowers.
Edit  #4856 Miki
I'm glad you could come to the party.
Edit  #4858 Miki
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard.
Edit  #4849 Miki
There was a sign saying, "keep off the grass."
Edit  #4851 Miki
Please give him my best regards.
Edit  #4852 Miki
That, please .
Edit  #638 Amatuka
Please show me.
Edit  #640 Amatuka
"Pass me the salt, please". "Here you are".
Edit  #4850 Miki
I`d like something to drink.
Edit  #8242 karekano
Give me one more card, please
Edit  #8240 karekano
Two beers, please
Edit  #8241 karekano
If anyone should call while I`m out, please tell them (him/her) I`ll be back soon.
Edit  #8243 karekano
Let me know if she is coming.
Edit  #8244 karekano
Please come in.
Edit  #8245 karekano
I didn`t catch your name. Repeat it, please.
Edit  #8246 karekano
Could you show me how to do this?
Edit  #8247 karekano
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