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Edit  Amatuka
The 'copula' : expresses conditions. X is Y.
I'm English.
Edit  Amatuka
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It's a dog!
Edit  #616 Amatuka
I am English.
Edit  #618 Amatuka
What is that?
Edit  #622 Amatuka, Vanilla
Who was that person?
Edit  #624 Amatuka, Vanilla
(That) wasn't Mr Tanaka.
Edit  #626 Amatuka
(That) was a cat.
Edit  #628 Amatuka
(That) is not a dog.
Edit  #629 Amatuka
Wasn't it a fox?
Edit  #630 Amatuka
I'm not a Pro yet.
Edit  #764 Amatuka
(I'm) English and live in London.
Edit  #879 Amatuka
Mr. Tanaka said, "this problem is too difficult."
Edit  #5524 Nightroad
This book is new.
Edit  #8648 Sakuratree
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