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JLPT N2 Author: dc
worry about, there is a possibility, there is fear that
i worry this illness might be contagious
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There is the likelihood of a war.
#1209 Author: dc

Nipponia Nippon (bird) is in danger of extinction.
#3293 Author: Miki

I worry that this car may be more expensive than my budget.
#3294 Author: Miki

This method of sale has the likelihood of violating the Antitrust Law.
#1277 Author: dc

This hut is in danger of falling down.
#4744 Author: dc4

Such an accident is likely to happen again.
#4745 Author: dc4

I worry it will be really heavy, but id like to try it
#5739 Author: dc

I'm afraid that it may be too late when you realize it.
#3295 Author: Miki

I fear that that plan may fail.
#6832 Author: 赤毛

I'm afraid that if we do not do surgery soon it will be too late.
#7180 Author: sureshnihon

This sickness doesn't have the fear of infection.
#7181 Author: sureshnihon

There is a possibility that a tsunami cause by the earthquake will strike the coast.
#8395 Author: karekano

We are safe from the rain here.
#8396 Author: karekano

I am afraid that this big accident is related with the fact that counter-measure have not been taken immediately.
#6829 Author: 赤毛

I worry that the society of my friend, because the management seems extremely difficult, go to bankrupt if it stays as it is.
#6830 Author: 赤毛

When it rains at night, if at all possible, I prefer not drive. I am afraid about causing an accident.
#6831 Author: 赤毛

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