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nothing but; merely; none other than
War is nothing but death.
Edit  dc
war is nothing else but death
Edit  #572 dc, nhk9
To quit now only means that we have conceded defeat.
Edit  #952 dc
The aim of Charlemagne was no less than to regain the glory of Imperial Rome
Edit  #3122 bamboo4, dc
The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom.
Edit  #3761 dc
Success in this job is the result of everybody's cooperation.
Edit  #5812 Meghana
It is because everyone has the concern though various opinions of the problem have come out.
Edit  #7132 sureshnihon
the failure is nothing but the beginning of success.
Edit  #8571 belajar
He is no less a person than the President.
Edit  #8322 karekano
It was me (I) that struck him.
Edit  #8323 karekano
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