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Edit  dc
It does not (necessarily) mean that 〜; I don't mean that 〜; It is not (true) that 〜; It is not the case that 〜
It doesn't necessarily mean he understood.
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it does not mean that there is no hope, but you'd better not expect too much
Edit  #571 dc
While I am not saying he is stupid, I have my doubts when I look at what he is actually doing.
Edit  #3182 bamboo4
Because people in the world don't speak the same language, much effort is now devoted to translation.
Edit  #4195 Miki
He is not the only pebble on the beach.
Edit  #4196 Miki
That is not altogether false.
Edit  #4197 Miki
It is not especially hot today.
Edit  #4198 Miki
This rule can not be applied to every case.
Edit  #4199 Miki
It is not that all these eggs are fresh.
Edit  #4200 Miki, bamboo4
Not everyone can realize the dreams of his youth.
Edit  #4201 Miki
It's not that I'm not happy to meet you.
Edit  #6444 xabre24
It's not true that people were born in order to work.
Edit  #6494 rubyhatchet
I was discharged from the hospital, but it doesn't mean I was cured and discharged.
Edit  #6495 rubyhatchet
It rains during the rainy season, but it doesn't necessarily rain hard.
Edit  #6496 rubyhatchet
That is not altogether my fault.
Edit  #8516 karekano
She did not answer all the questions.
Edit  #8517 karekano
Money isn`t everything.
Edit  #8518 karekano
The meeting was not particularly well attended.
Edit  #8519 karekano
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