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Can't help but 〜; Extremely 〜; Very 〜
Due to a lack of sleep, I can't help but be exhausted.
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because of a lack of sleep, I am soo sleepy.
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I think that it cannot be helped.
Edit  #939 bamboo4
His remarks allow no other interpretation.
Edit  #5457 adamstudio
With the exception of enjoying the time in between, there is nothing we can do about the fact of birth and death.
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Lately, I have been extremely hungry.
Edit  #6227 rubyhatchet
Are there people who really enjoy studying? Unbelievable.
Edit  #6228 rubyhatchet
I have nothing to do today. I'm so bored.
Edit  #6611 hana
I'm so happy that I was able to get a good score.
Edit  #6612 hana
We have to put up with the bad weather.
Edit  #8476 karekano
It is not worth while starting now.
Edit  #8477 karekano
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