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JLPT N1 Author: dc
in one's own way, one's own style
she has her own way of doing it
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I have my own outlook on life.
#1300 Author: dc

In that country I was a foreigner and was treated as such.
#3604 Author: dbx

Animals have their own way of communicating
#1301 Author: dc

This push-button phone turned out to be useful in its way.
#3605 Author: dbx

The picture is good in its way.
#3607 Author: dbx

Takeo is quite a good fellow in his way.
#3608 Author: dbx

Some people say that cartoons on television are educational in themselves.
#3609 Author: dbx

I read a lot of books in my youth; I am a scholar in my own way.
#3610 Author: dbx

A man's worth lies not so much in what he has as in what he is.
#3611 Author: dbx

He has his own collection of phobias.
#3612 Author: dbx

I would rather live by myself than do as he tells me to do.
#3613 Author: dbx

Kids have kids own world
#1315 Author: dc, Miki

If that is so, then try to do it accordingly (in line with that).
#1317 Author: bamboo4

End up according to (as) what one has been told.
#1319 Author: bamboo4

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